PlayStation 4.5 and Nintendo NX To Be Revealed At TGS 2016: Report

According to a report coming from VRWorld, both Nintendo NX and PlayStation 4.5 are going to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show this September. Based on info gathered by the website, NX “should be announced during Tokyo Game Show”, where last year Sony announced Project Morpheus’ official name.


PlayStation 4.5, or Neo, is instead going to “make its debut” at the show, possibly hinting that the console will be introduced at E3 2016 and will be carried over in playable form at the Japanese event. VRWorld confirmed that the new platform is supporting GPU and memory “higher clocked” as reported previously, and is releasing “as soon as Holiday Season 2016, in time for the PlayStation VR headset”.

While this console has not been announced yet, Nintendo has already made official NX will launch in March 2017 and won’t be part of its E3 2016 showcase. This could lead to a dedicated presentation event, such as PS4 and Xbox One’s in 2013, or to the more familiar Tokyo Game Show, which represent an advantage for the Japanese platform holder who could make the announcement in its own language.

Microsoft is also said to be working on a new Xbox or Xbox One model, but rumors have been pretty sparse and less precise in comparison with PS4.5’s, so this is not something which is going to happen for sure. E3 starts in one month anyway, so we’re about to discover everything very soon.