Playstation 4 Already Being Sold at Profit Confirms Sony Boss Kaz Hirai


Here’s some official words from Sony that none of us expected, Kaz Hirai in a recent interview Japanese interview confirmed that Playstation 4 is already profitable.

Playstation 4

A profit this early in console life-cycle is indeed a massive achievement, considering the fact Sony took a whooing $200 loss per Playstation 3 unit at launch in 2006.

“The PS4 has already recorded a profit with hardware alone, and in that it’s different from the business model of previous platforms.” said Kaz Hirai.

This also proves dominance of Sony in next-gen console war, their competitor Microsoft has spend most of the time correcting the mistake they committed last year at Xbox One reveal event and E3 2013, whereas Sony are just planning to take forward the lead Playstation 4 have over Xbox One.

With E3 2014 just around the corner, it will be interesting to see how the second round of next-gen console war between Sony and Microsoft folds.