Playstation 4 And PS VITA Remote Play Feature: All Three Ways To Connect Detailed


In total there are three ways to access remote play feature on Playstation 4 and PS VITA, “Direct Connection, Household/Local Connection and Out And About Wide Connection”

PS VITA And PS4 Remote PlayCheck out the image below detailing all three ways to Remote Play between PS4 and PS VITA.

First Method Direct Connection:

It requires close proximity between both Playstation VITA and Playstation 4, very much similar to Wii U Style.

Second Method Household/Local Connection:

Connection to same local router required. Works if VITA is outside Playstation 4’s direct range.

Third Method Out And About/Wide Connection:

Connection to different routers. Works if away from Home, but in this case Lag issue will be the most.

PS4 And PS VITA Remote Play Feature Methods

Source: Reddit