Playstation 4 HDD Specs Revealed: HGST 2.5″, 5400 RPM And More


Right now German Magazine ComputerBild is deeply analysing debug unit of Playstation 4 that they received just a day ago. Thanks to this analysing process, tons of new details about PS4 has arrived.

Playstation 4ComputerBild revealed the specfication of Playstation 4 HDD and it reads something like this: “HGST 2.5″, 5400 RPM”.

In addition to this, ComputerBil also revealed that Playstation 4 HDD supports 2.5″ drives up to 12.5mm height.

Analysis of PS4 Debug unit from ComputerBild didn’t stop till HDD. The Tech magazine from Germany also measured and compared noise level of Playstation 4 with Playstation 3, you can read its RESULT HERE.


PS4 HDD speed is capable of speeds in the range of 80 to 100 MB per second, according to ComputerBild