PlayStation 4 Neo GPU To Be “Point-For-Point A Match” For RX 480 – Report


We’ve already been discussing PlayStation Neo specs despite this being all but official at this point. Anyway, more speculation about this topic comes from Digital Foundry, which has tried and compared this new console’s GPU to existing ones on PC. Here’s what they came out with.

PlayStation 4 Neo

“Clock-speeds and resultant TFLOPs aside – the specs for RX 480 are point-for-point a match for the GPU in Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Neo, all but confirming that the Sony mid-gen console refresh uses both Polaris technology and the new 14nm FinFET chip manufacturing process,” Digital Foundry reports.

According to this note, it seems like somehow confirmed that PlayStation 4 Neo (and possibly the new Xbox to come sooner or later, or be announced already at E3 2016) is featuring high end hardware or at least something pretty recent hardware.

We’ll figure this out when E3 finally comes? We’ll see. In the meantime, keep following Gamepur for all the latest news and share your opinion in the comments below.