PlayStation 4 Neo, Hardware Upgrades Won’t Become The Norm: Sony


It doesn’t really look like Sony is changing the way it works with consoles after PlayStation Neo releases some time next year. According to SIE President and CEO Andrew House, in fact, launching an upgraded PS4 won’t necessarily mean that a smartphone/tablet model will also be applied to consoles from now on.

PlayStation Neo

Based on what House said to Sony’s investors in Tokyo, the Japanese platform holder doesn’t really see how the mobile and PC models could apply to consoles, since those are very different business where you need to upgrade your hardware every one or two years – console gamers are used to life cycles ranging from 5 to 8 years.

House said there is potential now to make consoles run their games better, thanks to mid-generation hardware improvements, and this is why Sony decided to offer such upgrades to more demanding players.

The latest rumors state Sony could be working not only on the main PlayStation Neo platform, basically a more powerful PlayStation 4 capable of running native 4K titles similar to Project Scorpio, but also a PlayStation 4 Slim could be on the way already this year.