Playstation France comments on Xbox One Kinect-less $399 Bundle: “On June 9, PS4 Stays The Same”


Yesterday, Microsoft announced Xbox One Kinect-less bundle for $399 only (i.e same price as that of Sony’s Playstation 4). Immediately after the announcement everyone of us waited for a response from Sony and finally it has arrived via Playstation France Twitter.


A recent Tweet from Playstation France reads: “A partir du 09/06 : la #PS4 reste la même ;-)” and this translates to “On June 9th, the PS4 stays the same.”

It looks like Sony doesn’t think these recent changes from Microsoft (new Kinectless bundle, free games for Xbox Live subscribers on Xbox One, no need of Xbox Live Gold subscription for entertainment apps) are ground-breaking and this reflects in the recent message from Playstation France.

But for Microsoft, these are indeed some of the most important features change because ever since Xbox One reveal event these things were the major concerns that gamers had with Xbox One.

Slowly and steady Microsoft is gaining the lost ground after disastrous Xbox One reveal event and E3 2014, now it will be really interesting to see how Sony tackle this new move of Microsoft. E3 2014 is going to be place.