PlayStation Neo Could Still Release In 2016: Report


PlayStation Neo not being at E3 2016 was almost considered a sign of it not releasing this year, even though Sony’s Andrew House candidly admitted the Japanese platform holder is working on it just a few days before the event kicked-off at Los Angeles.

PS4 Neo

Is it correct to state PlayStation Neo won’t launch in 2016, anyway? According to Digital Foundry sources, it looks like there are still chances to see the console hit the market later this year, instead. In a recent report, they even took into account the events where Sony could possibly make an official presentation for this new model.

Here you have them:

  • Gamescom – August 17-21 [2 months after E3]
  • Tokyo Games Show – September 15-20 [3 months after E3]
  • Paris Games Week – October 27-31 [4.5 months after E3]
  • PSX – early December
  • Playstation Meeting

If PlayStation Neo really has to be released in 2016, it is possible it could be introduced to the public at one between Gamescom, Tokyo Games Show and Paris Games Week. While the latter seems to be a bit late, Sony is not planning a press conference at Gamescom this year and it won’t be the just like in 2015, unless surprises coming in the next few days.

Tokyo Games Show looks like the best fit in terms of dates, but to be honest it isn’t the best place where you can go and make announcement as of today – as an event, it has lost relevance in the last few years, even though Sony announced there the official name of PlayStation VR (former Project Morpheus).

Our sources, as you can read in today’s Gamepur feature article, state there will be two different models of PlayStation Neo. So, trying to make DF report pair with ours, Sony could be building one of the two variants with the idea of launching it in 2016, while the other would release in 2017 and have a direct competition with Project Scorpio. At this point, the first variant could happen to be a PS4 Slim similar to Xbox One S.