PlayStation Neo In Development Because Of PS VR Needing More Power: Report

While we’re still reading rumors about PlayStation Neo almost every day, we have a new confirmation about its existence and particularly about the reasons why Sony decided to produce and later launch this new model of PlayStation 4.

PS4 Neo

“PSVR was going to be terrible on a [launch] PS4. It was going to be truly awful. Something a bit more powerful starts to bring VR into range. If you want to deal with crazy requirements for performance in VR, you absolutely have to do this,” an anonymous CTO said to EDGE.

“I’m not interested in marketing strategies or adoption rates or whatever. I’m not considering that. But as someone who does the technology for video games, somebody doubling my GPU and adding 30% CPU is brilliant. I’d love that every two years. I’d love it every six months, if possible. All I want is the most powerful hardware that I can get my hands on.”

Another Edge source, who is lead designer at a European studio, says: “There hasn’t been a real outcry for more power, apart from developers making VR stuff – and those are weighted more heavily at the moment. VR is the most exciting development in the industry right now, and if it’s here to stay then there will be a lot of demand for more powerful hardware.”

So it really looks like the decision from Sony’s end to have a more powerful PlayStation 4 was dictated by developers asking more power to produce their games, especially looking at the much demanding virtual reality.

We’ll see whether these comments are going to be confirmed at E3 2016 in June.