Playstation Plus Free PS4 Game For August 2014 Leaked: Updated

It seems like free game that will be available to Playstation 4 owners with Playstation Plus subscription has been leaked. Reddit user Wolftear720 received an email on his Japan PSN account featuring details about PS Plus free games for Playstation 4.

Playstation Plus

One of the title listed was ThatGameCompany’s adventure title “Flower. You can check out the snapshot shared below, we have cross check the details on Playstation Plus Japanese website and Flower indeed has been listed as free game.

PS Plus Content For August 2014: Flower

Snapshot i took from official Playstation Plus Japanese Website:

PS Plus Content For August 2014

The other game listed was “Stick it to the Man”, this is already available for PS Plus subscribers in EU and NA, and so we expect Sony to add another title with Flower as free PS4 games for August 2014 for Europe and North America.

NOTE: There is also a possibility that we might receive three PS4 games in August 2014. Flower is cross-buy so this deal might be similar to the one offered for Doki Doki Universe, and PS4 owners will get it free but it won’t count as one of the two PS4 games.


It seems like Flower will be available as free Playstation 4 games in August 2014 only to Japanese Playstation Plus subscribers. For full line-up of Playstation Plus content for August 2014 probably for Europe and North America Regions, click HERE, the line-up was leaked via Russian Twitter Account.