PlayStation VR Free Trial Introduced to Massive Popularity


What’s the best way to bring in new customers PlayStation VR customers? A free hardware trial, of course. Sony introduced a 14-day PlayStation VR trial offer earlier this month so players could try out its virtual reality headsets without buying the full package. And as it turns out, all 1,400 offers for the headset’s trial are already filled.

The trial offer, which originally began on Dec. 1, features a PSVR headset, a PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and Skyrim VR. Once the trial is done, users can buy the entire bundle for $300 if they so choose, which Gamasutra reports is at a $150 discount. Otherwise, they can send it back to Sony once they’re done without facing a charge for the bundle.

Before the trial filled up, Sony only required users to fulfill two requirements: provide a credit card and have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Polygon reports the promotion was originally scheduled just to run for Dec. 1 to 14, but with all 1,400 slots filled, which was admittedly a very generous timeframe.

As for whether the PSVR trial will happen again down the road, it’s unclear. The official website for the PlayStation VR trial encourages users to “check your email for future programs from PlayStation,” but no other information is given. Still, with the trial’s fast success, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad business decision by Sony in the slightest to host a second.

H/T Gamasutra