Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst Is A New Pokemon Game Built Into Minecraft, Offers 60-80 Hours Gameplay


It looks like people won’t stop doing marvelous things with Minecraft, as someone called Phoenix Projects has spent the last 31 months working on a gigantic project leading to two new entire Pokemon games called Cobalt and Amethyst – within Minecraft itself and absolutely without any use of mods altogether.

Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst Game In Minecrat

Interestingly, Cobalt and Amethyst feature all the things you’d expect from a Pokemon title — included an entirely new adventure spanning across 60-80 hours of gameplay. You can catch up to 136 creatures with poke balls, visit villages and houses, have a training and go through a proper battle system.

If you just watch the video below, you can really understand why it took so long and how much passion the developers of this project have poured into the making of it. Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst is for Minecraft on PC, version 1.8.8, so make sure you have the game on PC at first, and then check the version you have for it. Download link here.