Pokémon Global Link to Undergo Maintenance For Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


Keep your calendars marked. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon are on their way to Nintendo 3DS, but the series’ online competition service, Pokémon Global Link, will be going through a lengthy maintenance period right before the game comes out.

From Nov. 10 to 17, Pokémon Global Link will be offline as Nintendo updates the service for the upcoming game’s release. Once it goes back online, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon owners can pick up a special gift through the site. It’s unclear right now what that gift entails, but for Pokémon fans picking up the new game at release, it’s sure to be worth the wait.

Pokémon Global Link provides various features for online players, including QR Rental Teams that let players try out a Pokémon team created by another user. QR Rental Teams are eligible for various battles too, including Link Battles in Quick Link and Battles at the Battle Royal Dome. The site also provides various competitive and casual competitions for players to join, which pits Pokémon trainers against each other to test their skills as trainers.

Global Link goes down the week before Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon’s worldwide launch date, Nov. 18. European fans can hop into the game on Nov. 23, although Global Link should be ready by the time midnight strikes on the game’s worldwide release date.

H/T Nintendo Life