Pokémon GO Adds Gen 3 Pokémon and Dynamic Weather System


Trainers rejoice! Niantic just announced the arrival of 50 Pokémon from Gen 3 coming to Pokémon GO. The arrival of these Hoenn region Pokémon will begin later this week, while the rest will be released at a later time. Niantic is also introducing a new dynamic weather system that will change the way the game is being played.

Dynamic Weather System

This new weather system will be based off of local weather patterns, so paying attention to the weather is more important than ever in Pokémon GO. Niantic will also be updating the in-game map with weather visuals, impacting Pokémon in a variety of ways. An example of that includes an increased chance of finding Mudkip during rainy days, or finding a Snorunt on a snowy day. This means that Pokémon types will start matching up to the weather conditions they are more comfortable with.

Not only will weather play a part in what Pokémon we will see, it will also effect certain types of attacks. This means during a sunny day, a Flareon’s Fire Spin will perform better than on a cloudy or cold day. Pay attention to the weather and use the right Pokémon when attacking Gyms or battling in Raids to gain an advantage.

Pokémon GO Adds Gen 3 Pokémon and Dynamic Weather System Pokémon GO Adds Gen 3 Pokémon and Dynamic Weather System

The weather system is really going to change the way Pokémon GO is played and is going to be a fresh of breath air alongside the introduction of Gen 3 Pokémon. With Gen 3 coming, we will also be getting new Legendaries to catch and even more Raid Bosses. While we don’t know when those changes will take effect, we will be keeping our eyes open and keep you updated when any changes in Pokémon GO happen. Until then, get out there and get ready to start catching new Pokémon and filling up your Pokédex.