Pokémon Go gets new AR+ feature exclusively for iOS devices


Niantic is introducing a new AR+ feature to Pokémon Go using Apple’s ARKit framework on devices running iOS 11. It’s coming to the game in an update soon and will be available for anyone using capable iPhone and iPad models, from iPhone 6s and up and including all iPad Pro models. The new augments will change up the way you both encounter and interact with Pokémon in-game. 

The AR+ feature will position Pokémon “more accurately” in terms of their surroundings and environment using the “six degrees of freedom” that ARKit works off of. Its 3D AR scaling will also ensure that Pokémon themselves are sized more accurately in respect to the world around them and as you get closer or move away from them. It’ll almost be like you found that Pikachu in the tall grass for real. Almost. 

This means new ways to capture Pokémon, with special capture bonuses that you’ll be awarded with if you get closer to Pokémon. You can’t just run up to one and assume you can catch it, though. Pokémon will also be aware of how close you are in proximity to them as you try to capture them, and may run away if you get too close too fast. If you do manage to get up close and personal, however, you may get new goodies like the Expert Handler bonus that helps award you more Stardust and XP. 

Niantic hasn’t yet announced a specific release date for the update just yet, but it will likely be coming down the line pretty quickly. Get ready to feel like a whole new Trainer!