Niantic Plans to Improve Pokémon Go’s EX Raid Invitation System

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go will be making some changes to its EX Raid system, which has become a point of contention among fans that’s been in need of tweaks for some time now. 

The official Niantic Twitter Support account tweeted out the developer’s intentions to “improve” the invitation system for EX Raids, thanking players for providing so much feedback on EX Raid Battles. 

For the uninitiated, EX Raids are special, invitation-only raid battles that offer some of the only ways players can attempt to capture Mewtwo. Much like in the rest of the Pokémon gaming ecosystem, Mewtwo is a must-have Pokémon, so players are a little upset that the very invitations to the EX Raids that allow access to Mewtwo seem to be given out at random. 

Beyond that, the invitations seem to have only been given out at random to the select players who had participated and completed a regular Raid at the same location an EX Raid was planned to occur. 

Niantic wasn’t explicit as to how the EX Raid invitation system could be altered for the better, nor was a date provided as to when these changes might occur. Given that EX Raids are still being evaluated and tested by players at the moment, the system in general could be at a sort of standstill for the next few weeks.