Pokemon Go Fire and Ice June Event, Capture Cyndaquil, Charmander or Swinub

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Week 2

TeamEevolution has announced the upcoming event of Pokemon Go Fire and Ice. This event will take place in June between 13 to 20. Trainers will see increase in Spawn of Fire and Ice Pokemons like Cyndaquil, Charmander or Swinub. And if you are lucky enough you might also get chance to capture Lapras or Cloyster. The official tweet is shared below.

 Pokemon Go Eventjune

Trainers can get 50% discount on Lucky Eggs at another experience event in the same time period. The tweet does not gives the full details on what Pokemons will be spawning, as per the database there are 10 different types of Pokemons in each Fire and Ice Section. In the tweet we just get a glimpse of few of them to appear.

Next big thing coming up for Pokemon Go is the Anniversary Event, the official date is not yet announced but it came back in news at the start of this year. Trainers will be getting a lot of new features in this event like Legendary Pokemons, Co-operative feature, Player-vs. – Player, etc.