Pokemon Go Gen 2: 28 Best Tips, Tricks, And Changes Every Player Must Know

Pokémon GO

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Many changes are made for the Pokemon Go Gen 2 in different areas like evolving, catching, moves etc and also new items are added. The Pokemon storage will be half priced till 28th February and Lures will be until 18th February. The following guide shows the changes made and items added etc to the Generation 2 Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Gen 2: Tips And Tricks

Tips, Tricks, and Changes of Pokemon Go Gen2:

  • If you are going to shop and transfer, evolve Pokemon, you might want to wait since few server problems are resolved.
  • Pokemon of Generation 1 can now learn new moves, which they were unable to learn before.
  • If you have Eevee, the name is as SAKURA to get the Espeon or name is as TAMAO to get the Umbreon once they evolve. The name works only once for each.
  • In order to evolve some Pokemon, you might need Special items like Metal Coat, Sun Stone, Dragon Scale, King’s Stone or Upgrade, which can be rare and available at Poker stops.
  • To evolve Horsea to Seadra and Zubat to Golbat takes 25 candies only, which were 50 before.
  • The Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan candies are combined into Tyrogue candy now.
  • Nests and Spawns of some Pokemon are changed. Lapras are nerfed.
  • Moves of some Pokemon are changed to more or fewer charges and damage.
  • It seems gym fighting mechanics are changed, like few moves becoming slower and can’t spam.
  • The Legacy moves are implemented, as Niantic pulling it from their move set, Pokemon can no longer learn the legacy move.
  • The Slowking evolves from Slowpoke, not the Slowbro anymore, which is the second form.
  • It seems some players caught Unown. The critical catches are also added.
  • Catching 2nd evolution forms now gives 5 candies and 300 Stardust and 3rd evolution forms give 10 candies and 500 Stardust.
  • If you catch a Pokemon with First Throw, you will get the 50xp bonus now.
  • You can now get new types of Berries from Poker stops like Pinap (gives double candies upon next catch), Nanab (slows Pokemon’s moves for the easy catch). And also only one type of Berry can be used at the same time on the Pokemon.
  • The game shows one less candy even so you get the proper amount for Pinap Berries due to glitch.
  • Now the Ditto can disguise as a Generation 2 Pokemon like Hoothoot, Sentret or Yanma.
  • It is still unknown that if the Generation 2 Pokemon are regionally exclusive.
  • Now you can see the gender of the Pokemon to the right of the health bar, there might be a possibility of breeding soon.
  • Few Pokemon takes less distance to get the candies as a Buddy like for Togepi it changed from 5km to 3km
  • Now you can hatch Generation 2 Pokemon from the eggs, the eggs of before Generation 2 launch won’t hatch Generation 2 Pokemon.
  • The music themes and walking animation also changed.
  • The Johto medal and Delinquent medal (Dark type) are added.
  • The new items are added to Level Up rewards like Pinap and Nanab berries.
  • The Pokemon now moves around the screen when you try to catch them.
  • All fainted Pokemon are revived and Few Pokemon sprites are slightly changed.
  • New customization options are added for the avatar, few options are for purchase only.

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Source: Reddit