Several generation three Pokémon will go live on Pokémon GO Oct. 20

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Pokémon GO players will finally be able to start catching generation three Pokemon such as Sableye, Banette, and other ghost-types on Oct. 20.

Only ghost type Pokémon from generation three will be released to coincide with the Halloween event which will begin on the same day, Oct. 20, and end Nov 2. The rest of the generation three Pokémon will then slowly start to appear throughout the rest of the year, with Niantic giving no indication of which Pokémon will be arriving next.

As part of the Halloween event, players will be able to catch a special Pikachu wearing a witches hat, which was first teased in the datamine on Oct. 15.

Players will also have a better chance of finding other spooky Pokémon, such as Gastly, Drowzee, and Misdreveous during the event. Candy rewards will be doubled for players when catching, hatching, and other activities to help them complete their Pokédex alot faster.

With generation three now slowly trickling into player’s mobiles, sights will now be set on the eventual release of generation four next year.