Ho-Oh Won’t Be Coming to Pokémon Go as an EX Raid Boss

Pokémon GO

Screengrab via Pokémon

Excitement is at an all-time high for EX Raids, and that means some rumors are making the rounds across the Pokémon Go community. Case in point, Niantic squashed one claim that a Ho-Oh EX Raid is headed to the game.

Over the weekend, Pokémon Go fans on Reddit stumbled across a screenshot for an alleged Ho-Oh EX Raid announcement from Niantic’s Japanese support email. Fans speculated whether the email was real or fake, with many arguing that the claim’s wording and style sounded legitimate. But Niantic quickly put a stop to the hoax, after official representative u/NianticGeorge confirmed that the email was faked.

“I reviewed our support ticketing system and I can confirm that our support team did not send this erroneous message,” he told users on r/PokemonGo.

So no, Ho-Oh won’t be coming to EX Raids any time soon. The genderless Fire and Flying type Pokémon, who is originally from Gen 2, serves as the “trio master” for the Legendary Beasts, meaning that his arrival in Pokémon Go will send the community into another Legendary-frenzy. It’s unclear when Ho-Oh is coming to Pokémon Go, but for now, don’t expect to find it in an EX Raid.

In the meantime, Niantic is working out some bugs with EX Raids, including invites sent out to locations that are inaccessible to trainers. So it’s for the best if Niantic waits to unveil more Pokémon for the mode while it’s still in testing.

H/T ComicBook.com