Pokémon Go is giving all players 50 additional storage slots for free, increases max size to 1500

Pokémon GO

A few changes will be coming to Pokémon Go in the future in order to celebrate the release of the first 50 generation three Pokémon.

To give players enough resources to catch ’em all, Niantic will increase the total amount of Pokémon Storage a player can have from 1,000 total Pokémon to 1,500. Players can only gain this extra storage space by paying for it, however, in the in-game shop.

Niantic will increase the base Pokémon Storage size by 50, however, to give trainers enough to room to capture the 50 new Pokémon joining the game.

In addition to the storage increase, Niantic is set to add Battle Parties to the game.

Battle Parties are teams of six, pre-set Pokémon that a player can access quickly when participating in gym battles and raids. Originally, players needed to search and cycle through hundreds of Pokémon to find the one party member they wanted to use. Now, however, players will be able to cut the search time and quickly choose which Pokémon they want to bring into battle.

The changes are set to launch alongside the new dynamic weather update, which will increase the likelihood of finding certain Pokémon in different types of weather. Players will find it easier to find Mudkip when it is raining, for example.

When players catch Pokémon in the weather that suits them, those Pokémon will also yield bonus Stardust, which is what players need to strengthen their party, and have moves that match the weather conditions that they were caught in.