Niantic CEO teases Pokémon Go’s third-generation monsters

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Pokémon Go could be welcoming a set of third generation Pokémon in 2018, according to Niantic CEO John Hanke.

The Niantic chief spoke to Taiwanese publication Business Weekly at length about several updates coming to Pokémon Go in the future.

During the interview he divulged that a new battle system is indeed coming to the mobile game as of 2018, noting that it’s currently “several months away.” While he didn’t go into detail about what the new battle system will entail, there’s a good chance the new PvP mode that players have been waiting for ever since Pokémon Go came on the scene. This would allow trainers to fight against each other in a more direct manner, something that would add much-needed depth to the game. 

Interestingly, Hanke spoke on the third generation of Pokémon that players have been waiting for, though he wouldn’t do much other than tease their impending arrival at some point. 

“There are a lot of Pokémon that have not yet been launched,” Hanke said. “So I think the next secret weapon will be the launch of the next Pokémon generation. I hope the players will soon see them.”

While that isn’t as much to go on as any Pokémon fan would like, we at least know the new monsters are coming down the pipeline. We don’t know which ones or how many we’ll get, but we can rest assured that they’re coming. Now if we could only implement more features like the handheld Pokémon RPGs have, we’d be in business.