Pokémon GO Travel And Global Catch Challenge

Boldore, Gurdurr, Karrablast, Shelmet Pokemon GO

Even though it’s not called a Thanksgiving Event, Niantic announced a challenge that will take place in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Travel

In an effort to take Trainers on a global trip, a new video series is being made called Pokémon GO Travel. Niantic is taking a group of Trainers to Japan to host the first ever Global Catch Challenge. You’ll be able to play along with Trainers IHasCupquake, Coisa de Nerd, and Rachel Quirico as they travel to Japan.

Global Catch Challenge

Beginning today and running until November 26th, a challenge has been put in place to catch 3 billion Pokémon. While catching 3 billion Pokémon seems like a lot, I have a feeling the Pokémon GO community will have no issue completing this task. The bonuses and rewards for the Challenge aren’t bad themselves and are separated in to three tiers; Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Pokémon GO Travel And Global Catch Challenge
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To reach the Bronze level bonuses, a total of 500 million catches must be made. The rewards for this level include double XP, six hour Lures, and more Pokémon appearing globally.


If catching 500 million Pokémon wasn’t enough for Trainers, it will take a total of 1.5 billion catches to reach Silver. Along with double XP and six hour Lures, you will also get double Stardust with every catch, and an increase of even more Pokémon appearing globally.


This is where it gets pretty serious. To reach Gold, Trainers will need to catch a total of 3 billion Pokémon. With the way some people play Pokémon GO, this will take a lot of grinding and a lot of dedication. The rewards for Gold are no joke either, as it will feature a Pokémon that will be available to catch in places where it normally doesn’t appear. In addition to the rewards from Bronze and Silver, Farfetch’d will spawn worldwide, while it is currently only available in Asia. Kangaskhan will be replacing Farfetch’d in East Asia as it is normally region locked to Australia.

While this isn’t the event that everyone was expecting, it still offers some pretty good rewards and a chance to catch Pokémon that are normally region locked. I’m pretty happy to have a chance to fill out my Pokédex without breaking the bank and travelling across the country.