Niantic’s Official Pokémon Go Tutorial Videos Now Live

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go has quite the dedicated following these days. But for newcomers, it can be hard to learn how to play the game from scratch. Luckily, Niantic has created several tutorial videos demonstrating how to do everything from capturing Pokémon to handling Gyms.

On Sunday, Niantic uploaded five tutorials on the game’s official YouTube channel. The series, called “Pokémon Go Tips,” tackles Raids, Gyms, powering up Pokémon, and catching Pokémon. These videos are short in length, clocking in around two minutes each, and explain tactics in simple detail great for both young players and newcomers to Pokémon Go. The first five videos can be found below.

It’s unclear if Niantic will create more videos in the series, especially as EX Raids phase out of field testing and become officially cycled into play. But the first five are a great precedent for future tutorials, plus they’re easy to share with friends who want to start playing. Let’s hope more are on the way.