Niantic is “100 percent committed” to Pokémon Go

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Niantic, the studio behind the popular mobile game Pokémon Go, revealed its plans to make a new mobile game based on the Harry Potter series on Nov. 8.

The initial news was exciting. Who wouldn’t want to play a worldwide game based on the famous series conceived by author J.K. Rowling? It seems like a match made in heaven for Harry Potter fans both old and new.

One group of fans, however, was initially skeptical about the news—Pokémon Go players.

With Niantic looking to focus its attention on the new Harry Potter game, fans of Pokémon Go were reasonably worried that they would be left behind, or that their beloved game wouldn’t see any further updates.

Niantic, however, released a statement on its blog, assuring fans that the company is 100 percent committed to Pokémon Go. Niantic also is actively expanding the development team to add more features in 2018.

This is great news for the Pokémon Go community. Trading Pokémon was one of the initial features shown in the announcement trailers—will we finally see this added to Pokémon Go this year? As long as Niantic remains committed to the game, anything is possible.