Players can now disable hazardous weather warning messages on Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go

Niantic is implementing a new update into Pokémon Go in order to fix hazardous weather warnings.

Along with the generation three Pokémon, Niantic added a new mechanic in the game that increased the likelihood of certain types of Pokémon appearing in different types of weather, such as fire Pokémon appearing more often on a sunny day.

When the game detects that a player is playing Pokémon Go in hazardous weather conditions, however, it disables the weather-related bonuses in-game to discourage players from endangering their lives for rare Pokémon.

The feature has sometimes been inaccurate, however, and players have noticed that the hazardous weather warning struggles to differentiate between normal and dangerous weather patterns. As such, players were losing out on their bonuses in perfect weather conditions.

With this new patch, players will be able to click a button that reads “I’m safe” to turn off the hazardous weather warning, allowing them to play the game without losing any potential bonuses.

H/T NintendoEverything