Pokémon Go is adding a bunch of new Gen 3 Pokémon to the game

Pokemon GO

A bunch of new Ice-type and Water-type Pokémon from the third generation of games are being added to Pokémon Go later today.

Twenty new Pokémon have been added. They are: Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo, Carvanha, Sharpedo, Wailmer, Wailord Barboach, Whiscash, Corphish, Crawdaunt, Feebas, Milotic, Snorunt, Glalie, Spheal, Sealeao, Walrein, Relicanth, and Luvdisc.

The legendary Pokémon Kyogre has also been teased in the announcement, meaning that players will soon be able to get their hands on it through legendary raids.

The update will also see the return of Festive Pikachu, a special Pikachu variant that’s only available during the holiday season and adds a small Santa hat on top of the Pikachu’s head. Players can find Festive Pikachu out in the wild before it leaves the game when the event ends on Jan. 4, 2018.

As an additional special bonus, anyone who visits a Pokéstop between Dec. 22 and 25 will be awarded a single-use Egg Incubator, which is an item that hatches Pokémon eggs in-game after a player walks a set distance while the app is open. Players can collect one Egg Incubator per day.