Pokémon Go fans aren’t quite sure how Wurmple evolves


Pokémon Go finally welcomed a slew of third-gen Pokémon into its fold, and with it the bug-type Pokémon Wurmple is now available. It can evolve from its larva-like stage into either Silicoon or Cascoon, depending on whether certain criteria are met in the core Pokémon games. The only problem is, players just aren’t sure how to make it evolve into the form they’re looking for in Pokémon Go. 

Wurmple was originally seen in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, and there’s not really a concrete way to figure out the numeric value that determines whether it will evolve into Silicoon or Cascoon. It’s random, which could also be the case in Pokémon Go. That would make the most sense, after all. Fans around the internet have theorized that the evolutions may have something to do with certain attack or defensive stats, but there isn’t any bulletproof evidence that points to the answer being one way or another just yet. 

Fans are testing various ideas out with their Wurmples, trying to determine if it’s more suited to Silicoon or Cascoon thanks to the kind of weather is going on, how it’s been captured, what time of day it evolves, etc. But so far the results have appeared to be random, just like in the core games. 

For anyone looking to add Wurmple’s evolutionary forms to their Pokémon Go Pokédex, it looks like luck, trial, and error is going to be the way to go for now. Happy hunting, then starting over again, then hunting again…for now.