Leaked Rumours of the Nintendo Switch Pokemon Game


There has been a lot of rumours and leaks about the new Pokemon game for the Switch since its announcement. Some of them fake and some were legit. Now, new information or rumours the game explaining new features the game will have has been leaked by PokeSirena.

Pokemon Nintendo Switch Game Info Leaked

Initially, during its announcement the release date was not decided and was rumoured to launch in 2018 or after. Now, it has been narrowed down to December 2018 or early 2019.

The plot of the story in the game is the conflict between the traditional and the innovation. The idea seems to be inspired from by the release of the new generation Pokemon games for Switch which is innovative as compared to the more traditional aspect of the old Pokemon games.

The game will feature no new mega evolutions and the Z-moves might also return as the Joy-cons have motion sensors. It is also rumoured that it will have a new, simplified and flushed battle system which is similar to the games like Digimon World and Pokken Tournament. The game’s setting is said to be inspired by Spanish, Italian and Chinese locations.

This information is just rumours and there is a lot of time of the game’s actual release there might not be any concrete information regarding the game anytime soon.

Source: Pokejungle