Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon’s first Global Mission has already failed


It looks like Pokémon’s Global Missions continue to crash and burn before liftoff, as the first one for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon has already failed. 

The mission began back on Nov. 16 and ran through Nov. 27, requiring players to capture 10 million Pokémon to succeed. Unfortunately, the total only reached about 5.4 million, only about half of the ultimate goal. 

The official Pokémon site posted a statement to players to announce a consolation prize for anyone who participated, awarding 1,000 Festival Coins that can be retrieved via the Global Mission receptionist in Festival Plaza. If you’re a Pokémon Global Link member, you’ll get 2,000 Festival Coins. 

This isn’t the first time a Global Mission has totally failed, as the first one for the original Pokémon Sun and Moon never got off the ground, either. But to put things in perspective, the recent Pokémon Go Global Catch Challenge set a seemingly lofty goal of 6 billion Pokémon caught.

This goal was reached in just six days, unlocking the previously Japan-only Pokémon Farfetch’d. Niantic went ahead and released the Legendary bird Ho-oh into the wild worldwide after that. Granted, it’s simpler to catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go since it requires a lot less skill in many situations, but it’s still a bit shocking how these Global Missions continue to be failed despite how many people are out there playing Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon