Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon’s launch trailer is a grand sendoff for the series


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon just launched today, and everyone is finally able to get a good look at the new Pokémon and other features the games offer. There’s also a new launch trailer that showcases some of what you can expect to see when you finally dig into the game proper. 

There’s a brand new storyline woven into the original Sun and Moon plot featuring the Pokémon Necrozma, as well as new Ultra Beasts and brand new areas to explore. There’s a ton of new ground to cover, and new friends to do it with as you delve deeper into what will supposedly be the last Pokémon games for Nintendo 3DS. 

The trailer builds up to an interesting few cuts of footage that really ratchet up the momentum for the new games in that typical Pokémon fashion. 

If you’re ready to kick off your newest Pokémon journey, you can pick up both games right now on Nintendo 3DS.