Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Leaks Allegedly Details New Pokémon


Warning: Major spoilers feature below

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are on their way to a Nov. 17 release date, but Pokémon fans are already eager to see what’s inside the last Nintendo 3DS Pokémon game before it officially launches. Several alleged leaks from dataminers have popped up throughout the Pokémoncommunity, including some major reveals for the game’s plot. So spoilers are plentiful throughout this article.

An ongoing list from r/Pokemon details the leak, with regular updates added from the subreddit’s mods as new information continues to appear. One of the biggest reveals? Dataminers have new information about the new Ultra Beasts: UB Burst, UB Adhesive, and UB Assembly.

UB Adhesive has a name now, Poipole, and it can evolve into Nagandel through Dragon Pulse. Meanwhile, UB Assembly is Stakataka, and UB Burst is Blacephalon. Poipole is only available through gifting, with no further information given about the other two Ultra Beasts. Alleged models for all three newcomers have also leaked, which can be seen in an album created on Imgur.

Poipole, per [r/Pokemon](https://imgur.com/a/spNos)

There’s also Zeraora, a Mythical Legendary that may be used for in a giveaway down the road. Necrozma appears to have a form called Ultra Necrozma in the game. And Team Rainbow Rocket will serve as a major antagonist in the game, as the group plans to take control of the entire universe by creating a powerful Ultra Beast army, according to Nintendo Everything. Previously, Team Rocket’s role in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon leaked through two Japanese download cards.

Last but not least, there’s code programmed into the game hinting that Ash Ketchum will appear as an NPC. It’s unclear how, but we may find out more as the leaks continue.

Granted, until Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon comes out, it’s impossible to officially confirm that all these leaks are part of the game. So read the information above with some skepticism. But even if there’s some discrepancies, the alleged leaks provide a good road map to prep fans for later this month. Grab Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on Nov. 17 for the Nintendo 3DS family.

H/T r/Pokemon