Strange evil is afoot in this new Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon trailer


We’re only a couple of weeks away from the launch of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, and Nintendo has released a new trailer showcasing a few more things the games will feature, namely new Z-Moves, new Pokémon, and plenty of other weird and wacky additions. 

Necrozma is the main threat here, as the trailer explains, and you’ll have to utilize a series of new Z-Moves and legendary Pokémon, like presumably Mewtwo, to take them out. Once again, this trailer mentions the special Ultra Wormholes you’ll have to use to travel to different dimensions if you want to save the Alola region from its latest threats. 

The “strange evil” referenced in the name of the trailer must obviously refer to Necrozma, which is stealing the light right out of the sky to fuse with either Solgaleo or Lunala, exclusive to whichever version you end up playing. 

The sinister mood stretches on to include a brief look at Ultra Megalopolis, one of the destinations you can visit via wormhole. It has a very dark, brooding look to it, unlike the original Sun and Moon games, which means there should be some pretty interesting elements to discover. Alola may be bright and sunny, but these games look like they’re far from it, and that makes them all the more interesting. 

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon launch on Nintendo 3DS Nov. 17, 2017.