New Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon trailer shows off Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Beasts


There’s a wealth of new content coming to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, and the latest story trailer shows off a huge chunk of it.

Alola is a decidedly darker world this time around, giving players the ability to travel through Ultra Wormholes to other worlds beyond Alola. This could also lead to the areas you’re meant to go to square off against the game’s souped-up monstrosities, Ultra Beasts, on their “home turf,” as the trailer suggests.

The Ultra Wormholes are reminiscent of Gummi Ship stages in Kingdom Hearts somewhat, with players guiding Legendary Pokémon through obstacles to reach the wormhole exit. The player is shown collecting orbs of light as he travels on the back of either Solgaleo or Lunala.

The world of Ultra Megalopolis was shown off as well, described as “a world where Necrozma has stolen the light away.” It’s a larger city of prism-like high-rise structures, and it looks to play a large role in the game’s narrative. 

Creeping around there is the Ultra Recon Squad, comprised of partners Dulse and Zossie, as well as Phyco and Soliera. It’s unclear what their objectives are from the trailer, but they’ll certainly be acting as foils to the protagonist.

The trailer also introduced three new Ultra Beasts, each with bizarre designs and a new move to boot. Each Ultra Beast comes packing the Beast Boost ability. UB Adhesive is a Poison-type, UB Burst is a Fire/Ghost-type, and UB Assembly is a Rock/Steel-type.

Of note, U Burst has a special move called Mind Blown, which is a Fire-type ability that allows UB Burst to sacrifice half of its max HP to deal a staggering amount of damage. This makes sense for the Ultra Beast since it blows up its own head to attack others.

There will be a whole lot more to discover in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon when both games release on Nintendo 3DS this Nov. 17.