Team Rocket Coming to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon’s release date is fast approaching, with both games launching worldwide on Nov. 17. And as fans eagerly await the last Pokémon title on the Nintendo 3DS, there’s still new info coming out that’s sure to keep fans excited. Case in point, a Japanese download card has revealed that Team Rocket is coming to the upcoming game.

According to Pokémon fansite Serbii, Japanese download cards for both Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon show Team Rocket appearing in-game through battle segments. Their headquarters also make an appearance, suggesting Team Rocket will play a bigger role in the game than simply taking on a cameo role. Beyond that, though, nothing else is included about Team Rocket on the cards.

It’s unclear if Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon will connect Alola’s events to the original Pokémon region, Kanto, or if the iconic villainous group will play a major role in the game at all. They may just appear in one segment of the game. One Twitter user also suggests that the Team Rocket members and headquarters shown may be a splinter version of the group. But their appearance is sure to delight long-time fans regardless, especially those who remember Team Rocket from those early years in Pokémon Red and Blue.

Either way, we’ll know for certain once Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon lands on Nov. 17 for the Nintendo 3DS family.

H/T My Nintendo News