New shiny hunting method potentially found in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon could be giving players an easier way to catch those elusive Shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, alternate-colored Pokemon. They were first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver for the Game Boy and fans have been trying to find them all ever since.

The new method was discovered by a Reddit user and takes advantage of the new riding mini game that allows players to encounter legendary Pokemon in Ultra Space. Sometimes, wormholes glow in Ultra Space and if a player reaches the end of the minigame, they will encounter a random shiny Pokemon each time.

The shiny wormholes themselves seem to be pretty common in Ultra Space but are very difficult to navigate.

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Getting Shiny Pokemon has been notoriously difficult in previous installments. Players have a one in 8,192 chance to find a shiny Pokemon in the wild in previous versions of the games and many players go an entire playthrough without seeing a single one.

Players have developed multiple ways to find these rare Pokemon variants, however, such as breeding two of the same Pokemon from different language Pokemon games to raise the odds to one in 1,366.

Ultra Sun and Moon releases for the Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 17, which is when players will finally be able to confirm if the hunting method really works. It does, however, give Pokemon fans a good idea on how they can collect them all in the future.

H/T Reddit