Pokemon X and Pokemon Y: Fix For Game Breaking Freezing Glitch Released


Recently we reported how a nasty game breaking glitch in Pokemon X and Y is spoiling the party of fans. Players were experiencing freezing issue the moment they try to save in certain spots outside in Lumiose city.

Pokemon X and YWe have discovered a temporary fix for this freezing glitch in Pokemon X and Y. You can check it out below.

Step 1:

  • First, turn off your 3DS

Step 2:

  • Then take out your SD card out of the console.

Step 3:

  • Turn on the 3DS and just start up your affected Pokémon game normally.

Step 4:

  • Everything SHOULD be fine from this point. Immanently leave the current area and save elsewhere (Pokémon centres are a good choice for this).

Step 5:

  • After saving turn off your 3DS and reinsert the SD card.

Now your game should work normally, we advice our readers not to save near any cabs again now.