Pokemon X & Y: Nasty Game Freezing Glitch Discovered While Saving Outside Lumiose City


A nasty game breaking glitch has been discovered in recently release Pokemon Game, Pokemon X and Y. As per the reports coming out from Pokemon X and Y gamers across the globe, there is a game breaking glitch that occurs if you save in certain spots outside in Lumiose city.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

A Gamefaqs user stated: “I saved near a cab in Lumiose City and now whenever I try to restart my game it immediately freeezes. It loads my trainer and all of my clothes as well as the buildings and their lighting effects, but none of the objects in the streets or the textures on the buildings show up.”

“Pokémon-Amie is also frozen on my bottom-screen without loading anything and the game won’t return to the Home menu when I push my button. I can hard-shutoff, but the 3DS internal software is completely frozen.”

Here is a YouTube footage showcasing this nasty glitch. Have you guys encountered this same issue?, is there any temporary fix you know?, let us know in the comment section below.