The Pokémon Yellow world record was broken twice in a matter of hours


The Pokémon Yellow glitchless any percent world record was finally beaten yesterday after two months—twice.

The original world record of 1:55:49, held by Gunnermaniac since Dec 9, was beaten by Keizaron by four seconds. Four hours after Keizaron had tasted victory, Pokeguy84 swooped in, beating it by over 30 seconds, to end with a time of 1:55:16.

The speedrun tasks players with completing the game as quickly as possible without using any glitches or exploits, relying solely on your skill to complete it. RNG plays a huge factor in the speedrun, and the community has been trying to find ways to eliminate it for many years now.

A new route discovered for the game has players use their early game moves more efficiently to save a few seconds. The route also relies on manipulating RNG, like in Mount Moon, so that players have no wild Pokémon encounters at all. There are also small item management changes that were bought in to save a few seconds, refining the time even further.

The speedrun is pretty easy mechanically and relies mostly on players memory to use certain items in a particular order. What makes it fun, however, is the speedrunners themselves. With RNG being such a huge factor in the game, speedrunners can sometimes fall behind only for the game to gift the speedrunner a moment to turn everything around.

With this new route, the time is nowhere close to its pinnacle yet. If everything comes together and flows in a future speedrun, we could have a new world record holder in a matter of days.