Prey 2 Details Leaked: “Arkane Studios, Releasing in Q3 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, 10-20 hours playthrough”


Finally some details regarding next instalment in Prey franchise, Prey 2 has been leaked. Industry insider, Shinobi602 posted an image from confidential PDF document that was leaked online featuring everything about Prey 2. Prey 2 is codename as Danielle and is scheduled to launch in Q3 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Prey 2 will offer around 10-20 hours of gameplay per playthrough. There’s also a short description of what will be the main objective of the players: “You have to escape a space station where things have gone bad”

You can read some of the important details about Prey 2 from the document below, full info at “Code name: PROJECT DANIELLE, Platforms: Orbis (PS4), Durango (Xbox3), PC Game Mode: Single Player Ship Date: Q3 2016”

Prey 2

“The king of Immersive Sim RPGs, One of the most anticipated cult sequels, You have to escape a space station where things have gone bad and Spiritual successor to System Shock 2”


Insert new story here

Key Highlights

1st person shooter + RPG hybrid

Deep systems with original complementary properties that encourage player creativity

10-20 hours per play through

Highly re-playable due to built in variability in the design and support for multiple play styles Randomized pick ups, objectives, gating setups.

SS2 base layer for reference

Security cameras / Light stealth Hacking Crates Security computers Vending machines Doors Mutants / robots / turrets Audio Logs of dead crew that reveal the past through arguments, research logs, etc… Research / chemical ingredients Resurrect Chambers Upgrade consoles No dialog / faceless / voiceless gender neutral hero

RPG Cyber modules to upgrade player Nanites to buy shit from vending machines Psionic powers Guns Ammos Food Comlinks from shodan Expected missions: Go find a log of some guy to know the code to open a door Batteries to recharge and plug in Find the access card to X

Our version

Our own flavor of all of the above Real missions where your actions are connected to the plot, not just traverse space A truly 3D interconnected space, Visually stimulating and that offers variety More systems in every types of systems Powers that are not only attacks player movement Gadgets Physics Monsters Simulation AI Plant grow Ecology…

We don’t know yet which feature will stand out

Melee Heavy Wrench Fire Axe Guns are very limited in ammo

Ranged Guns and lasers Guided Blades (crafted by player)

Psionic Powers Pacify / Control Enemies Pull / throw physics Invert gravity in an area

Combat is physical

To be updated

Self-replicating liquids that duplicates themselves every time they feed. Kill them fast or face a swarm.

Mimics that shape shift into objects, other monsters, or the player.

Acid breathing aliens that corrode the environment when dying, spitting, or bleeding (cool way to open doors)

Deranged Security and Repair bots native to the ship.

Unique Aliens with Imaginative Powers

Survival aspect

Survival aspect Food is rare you can be poisoned you need to sleep Maybe you can fall sick radiation has leaked in some areas…

Crafting / scavenging Extracting a component from a monster Make an armor from a the skin of a tough specie Make weapons Grow your food Cure to poison

Compose your own play style Growing your character should be a system if we can pull it off Hacker Fighter Stealth Psionic

Upgrade Stats, acquire psionic powers, genetically mutate and acquire properties from other aliens by sampling their DNA. Stick to walls Chameleon Work on your immunities

Tailor your Character

More cool shit

Story Choices / consequences Variability / replay ability Out of game experience social / achievement / tablet Asynchronous log sharing

The game should be hard!

Better for tension We’ll still have modes for Anthony and Harvey