PREY Gameplay Length Depends On The Style Of The Player, Playtest Clock In Around 20 Hours


Arkane Studios in a recent interview with our friend at Twinfinite has revealed some interesting new details about their upcoming FPS game, PREY. Lead Designer Ricardo Bare talked about the gameplay length and multiple endings in the game.


When asked about the gameplay length PREY is going to offer, Bare stated that most of the playtest they conducted at the studio clock in around 16 to 22, 20 hours.

“With all the games like this that we work on, the amount of time varies widely depending on the style of the player but we’ve done a lot of playtests with people, and typically play times clock in around 16 to 22, 20 hours.”

And on the topic of multiple ending, Bare revealed: “Without giving you spoilers, I would describe the endings as essentially two main branches. You’re gonna be making some pretty big decisions about the space station and the people aboard the space station. But then within those main branches, there are tons of permutations, and a lot of it has to do with what you did and how you treated survivors that you encounter.”

PREY is scheduled to launch on May 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.