Price details for importing Dance Central tunes to Dance Central 2 (Updated)

Microsoft has announced that players need to shell out 400 Microsoft Points to import track from first Dance Central game into forthcoming sequel, Dance Central 2.

According to the details revealed by Microsoft, players will need to enter a code from original game’s manual (Dance Central manual), and then download the import pack inorder to move songs over to Dance Central 2.

Dance Central 2 box art

Fans who have pre-ordered the game from participating retailer will get the Import Pack for free of cost.

One thing players need to note, a new copy of first game is needed, rather than a second hand disc, to import the songs.

Microsoft said, “Import codes are unique to each game manual included with the original Dance Central and are one time use,”

“Consumers will need to purchase a new retail copy of Dance Central to take advantage of the import functionality.”

All the DLC track purchased by gamers for original game will be automatically added to their Dance Central 2 library.

Dance Central 2 is schedule to launch on October 21.


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