Katsura Hashino The Persona 5 Director Working On New RPG Game Project Re Fantasy

Project Re Fantasy is a new RPG title that is developed by Atlus Studio Zero. Last year Katsura Hashino the Director of Persona 5 will be shifting to a new internal studio “Studio Zero” to work on this new fantasy RPG Game. Till yet there are not many details about what the game will be about, but there is a small teaser video shared last year on YouTube on the official channel of Atlus Studio. You can watch that at the end of this new.

 Project Re Fantasy

The official site shows Katsura Hashino as the Production Director for Studio Zero, will be working with Shigenori Soejima the Character Designer and Shoji Meguro the Sound Composer. All had worked on Personal 3 and Persona 4 previously. There are few details shared on the official site rpg.jp but most of the content is in Japanese language, so it is simply not easy to figure out the game plot.

The artwork shared on the official site shows up two characters a girl and a boy on a horse probably marching towards journey. Next below there are few more characters who looks like pirates and in the end a massive dragon.