Project Scorpio Could Be Over Engineered: Michael Pachter


Analyst Michael Pachter has offered a new comment about Project Scorpio, which is set to be released by the end of the year yet to be disclosed price. According to Pachter, there’s the risk that the console is “over engineered”, meaning that it is probably going to be offering much more power than what currently video games and customers need.

Project Scorpio: Is it Over Engineered?

“I’ll wait and see what Scorpio is and what it’s priced,” he told The 1099. “But from what I’ve read, it’s probably over engineered. I’ll believe it will run a game at full 4K… except, do we really need that? And I get the PS4 Pro is weaker, but there’s a lot of room between 1080p and 4K. 1080p is 2 million pixels, 4K is 8 million pixels.”

“My understanding is that Oculus runs at 2.6 million pixels, so Oculus isn’t even 4K. So when they say Scorpio will be 4K, if Oculus with a $1500 PC can’t be 4K, do you really believe Scorpio, at $400-$500 can be 4K? I don’t know, I want to wait and see. So it sounds great, and everyone is excited, but… who has a 4KTV?”

Hopefully, the technology will keep growing throughout the year and we’ll have even cheaper 4K TV by the end of 2017, which is when Project Scorpio is officially releasing. Pushing on power, this is something Microsoft will need a lot to be happening, otherwise, they’ll have a very bad time in facing PS4/PS4 Pro competition.