Project Scorpio Is A Huge Lead Ahead Of PS4 Pro, says Albert Penello After Specs Reveal

Yesterday, Eurogamer revealed the full specs of Project Scorpio, and further went on to explain how powerful this upcoming console from Microsoft is as compared to Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. The specification details revealed was impressive: CPU – 2.3GHz custom eight-core CPU (Supposedly “Jaguar Evolved”), GPU – 2560 cores at 1172MHz, 6TF, and Memory – 12GB GDDR5 with 326GB/s memory bandwidth. Check out the below image showing the comparison of Specs between Scorpio vs Xbox One vs PS4 Pro.

Project Scorpio Specs Reaction

Immediately after the reveal of Project Scorpio Specs, the discussion shifted towards the price tag the console will carry at launch. Eurogamer made a guess that it would be $499 (purely a guess, not an official price tag). Insider Jez Corden (this man needs no introduction anymore) has jumped into this heated debate by stating that $399 is the price tag that Project Scorpio will carry at launch (once again, it’s just a prediction).

“Still putting $399 as my Scorpio price prediction, not based on any “inside” info, just an educated best guess.” tweeted Jez Corden.

The critics and fans reaction to Project Scorpio was amazing, and Phil Spencer (Xbox Division Boss) loved it, and this is what he said: “Reaction today is great, love feeling the energy. Games, OS, XBL, launch etc, lot’s to do, proud to be part of the team that’s going to deliver.”

Microsoft’s Albert Penello added that “There is so much more to #ProjectScorpio than just the numbers”. He went on to term Project Scorpio as the “a huge leap ahead of any other console.”

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