Project Scorpio To Have “Nice Price/Performance Ratio”, Says Spencer


Xbox head Phil Spencer recently had an interesting interview with The Guardian, and of course he had new details about the upcoming Project Scorpio. One particular portion of the interview, indeed, has him discussing the price tag of the next Xbox, particularly in relation with the specifics and the amount of power of the so called Project Scorpio.

Project Scorpio

“If you said to me, ‘could you or another console manufacturer design a $2,000 console that ran, like, two Titan Xs SLI-d together?’ Then yeah, we could do it. But the console price points aren’t there. If you’re willing to spend a couple of grand building up an i7-based machine with umpteen terabytes of RAM, you can go do that on a PC,” Spencer said.

“But I actually feel with Scorpio we’ve been able to hit a really nice price/performance ratio. When we talk about the price, I think people will see that. It is a premium product, there’s no doubt, but I think relative to the PC that you could go buy at this spec, you’re gonna feel really good.”

So, again, Project Scorpio is defined a premium product, but Spencer assures Xbox fans they’ll be able to grab it with a nice price/performance ratio. What does this mean? Remember that Xbox One launched with an infamous $499 price tag, that basically had it destroyed by PS4’s competition – together with a crazy DRM policy and its heavy focus on TV.