Project Scorpio vs Xbox One vs PS4 Pro Specs: Scorpio Has PS4 Pro Licked, 8GB GDDR5 RAM Reserved For Games

The wait is finally over guys, Project Scorpio Specs has been officially revealed by Eurogamer/DigitalFoundry, and as hinted by multiple industry insiders, there are indeed a lot of surprise elements. In technical terms, Project Scorpio CPU has 8 custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3 GHz, GPU has 40 customized compute units clocked at 1172 MHz (a very high clock speed, never seen before on any console), 12 GB GDDR5 RAM, and memory bandwidth of 326GB/s.

Project Scorpio

Additionally, Project Scorpio comes with a 1TB 2.5 inch HDD, a UHD Blu-ray drive. The console comes with an integrated power supply, no external power supply, as in the case of Xbox One S. Microsoft has retained the HDMI port from Xbox One S in Project Scorpio, no Kinect port.

Project Scorpio Hardware Specs:

  • 6TF GPU – 2560 cores at 1172MHz.
  • CPU – 2.3GHz custom eight-core CPU.
  • Memory – 12GB GDDR5 with 328GB/s memory bandwidth.

For many Xbox fans, these technical terms of Project Scorpio Specs are never heard before, so here a short breakdown with the perspective: Project Scorpio Specs vs Xbox One Specs Comparison:

Project Scorpio CPU is 30% faster than Xbox One, GPU is 4.6 times more powerful than Xbox One. There is a 12 GB GDDR5 RAM, it very fast, and out of it 4GB is reserved for Operating System, and a whole 8GB is reserved for games (in Xbox One, 5GB of RAM is reserved for games, and it is a slower memory). How will this helpful to the developers? 8GB GDDR5 space for games will allow developers to stream very high-quality art assets, and make it easier to target the native 4K resolution that Microsoft is gunning for.

Now coming to the big question: does Project Scorpio Specs Beat PS4 Pro’s Spec, if yes then up to what limit? Here is what DigitalFoundry said on this query:

Yes. Sony’s machine is very clever and produces great results in the right hands – and as ever, the quality of the end results depends on how well the software runs, not on waving numbers around. But as far as those numbers go, Scorpio has PS4 Pro licked. It will surely be more expensive, too. It’s a higher-spec machine in every sense, down to the optical drive that plays the new UHD Blu-ray format (not that anyone buys those). Microsoft uses the word “premium“, and you know what that means: $$$.

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Project Scorpio vs PS4 Pro vs Xbox One:

Project Scorpio vs PS4 Pro vs Xbox One