Project Scorpio Won’t Suffer Specs Downgrade: Phil Spencer


Rumors have been around lately that Microsoft could be downgrading Project Scorpio’s raw power in order to have a lower price when dropping the console in late 2017. Talking about the matter with a fan on Twitter, Xbox Head Phil Spencer has debunked those rumors, stating Microsoft is not doing changes to the Project Scorpio since its announcement.

Project Scorpio Specs Downgrade Rumor

“Nothing has changed since our announce,” Spencer commented on Twitter, quickly putting an end to the rumors that Microsoft could have changed its mind about the ‘most powerful console’ ever made, maybe looking at how PS4 Pro has faced the 4K topic with an in-house technological solution like checkerboard rendering.

Pretty nice Microsoft is still pointing at 6 Teraflops without lowering it to the rumored 5 Teraflops, which is the best thing possible for them to make a difference when building a 4K hardware against PS4 Pro. It’ll be even better if they can still handle the thing with a €399 price like Sony did, but this still remains to be seen in the future.