Project Xbox Scorpio Shows PC Has Won The Gaming War With Consoles: Alienware


Alienware CEO Frank Azor has commented the recent Project Scorpio announcement, saying that, in his opinion, what happened during Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference is some sort of admitting that PC has ultimately won the gaming ‘war’ with consoles.

Xbox Project Scorpio

“The PC has won,” he said talking to VentureBeat. “To continue to fight that, I think, will severely limit, if not negatively impact, the traditional [console] model’s ability to survive and succeed. Microsoft is aware of that. They’re demonstrating their awareness and their foresight in the announcements they’ve been making, like Scorpio and UWP and bringing content to both Windows and Xbox.”

Interestingly, he recognized console producers need to work on what makes their platforms special, especially in terms of content, whether it is games, story, characters and franchises. Azor also wants that kind of content to arrive to PC but from PC as well, so in his opinion it’s not just a matter of power expressed by each platform.

“I encourage the rest of the console makers out there to focus on what makes them special, which is the games, the franchises, the stories they tell, the characters they’ve built,” Azor said. “The hardware space is an opportunity for less and less differentiation when it comes to what you can build for $300 or $400. That’s okay. Moving forward, we have an opportunity to do incredible differentiation when you have $600, $700, $800 to invest.

“In the future there will still be appliances, still room for guys to go out and build these subsidized boxes at lower price points with limited scalability and limited feature sets, as compared to what some of these more premium, scalable PC architectures have been delivering and will continue to be able to deliver. But the content should be ubiquitous across everything, in my opinion. As much as I want console-exclusive franchises to come to the PC, I want PC-exclusive franchises to go over to consoles as well. It’s not a one-way street. Gamers are going to benefit from that.”