PS jailbreak: PS3 Modchip Allows Game Backups

Some videos on YouTube today showed PS3 jailbreak. The question is: Fake or not? The supposed PS3 modders might use a PlayStation 3 debug console with a USB starter for the preview versions. But, Apparently it is not a fake.

PS3 jailbreak

The network emerged videos show a PlayStation 3, in which games copied, takes place via a USB Modchip. To advance the content of a PS3 Blu ray is taken to disk. This works also alleged by the USB Modchip, plugged into a USB port on the console. After the data from a PS3 Bluray has transferred, we don’t need the original disc to start the game. You simply put any disc in PS3, get into the USB Backup Manager, and can then start the image from the PS3 board.

Meanwhile, several websites reported that they had received a version of the USB Jailbreaks and tested. Among other things, psx reports that the crack functioned 100%. As the stick or dongle apparently breaks the copy protection. The the video below shows it.